Chick Fucks Ex In Front Of Current Boyfriend
I was browsing the videos on Sell Your GF when I came across this hot ass scene. It features a couple who had an important decision to make. They had to come up with a few hundred dollars pretty quickly and they just didn't have it. So they decided to do something they never thought they would do in a million fucking years. Beth and Daniel had to make the ultimate sacrifice. One of them had to sell their body for cash.

Now since there really wasn't a market for fucking Daniel, Beth had to be the one who gave up the sex. So she called her ex-boyfriend and told him that she would be willing to fuck him for the cash. At first, this guy was a wee bit hesitant but eventually relented. After all, Beth had been a pretty good fuck back in the day.

And so this scene begins. With Beth sucking her ex-boyfriend's cock and fucking him for some dough while Daniel sat idly by and watched her do it. Daniel watched as she got fucked every which way and had one orgasm after another.