A Really Indecent XXX Proposal
I want all of you sellyourgf fans to be very wary of this next XXX porn scene. Not because it isn't hot sexual entertainment, because it is. But only because of what happens in it. In this scene, Danielle goes to her boyfriend and asks him if she could fuck Bob for the rent money they need. When your lady comes to you with a proposition like that, then you should be very fucking scared.

This redneck, however, doesn't think about the consequences of his girlfriend banging Bob. All he could think about was getting all of that cash. He never thought anything of it. He just took all that dough and let his old lady do the nasty with Bob.

In his defense, however, he couldn't possibly known that Danielle had wanted to fuck Bob for a long time now. It never even crossed his mind. He just thought he was going to get paid and maybe get a little thrill out of watching his lady bang another man.

I think by the end of the scene, however, he begins to piece it all together. Especially when she had orgasms that were way stronger than what he ever gave her.